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Most small business websites never achieve results. Whether this can be attributed to amateurish design, poor or no search engine optimization, ineffective copy or failure to attract targeted visitors, the story is a common one. i5 Web Works develops business websites that achieve results.

Whether you want to make your online debut or increase the business generated from your existing site, we have the skills to help your business. We've been involved in a number of interesting projects for clients throughout the North America. Outline your website needs: brochure site, service site, sales site or a combination of two of the three.  We want to know how you intend to use the site.  What will the metrics be to judge the site?  Will those metrics be:

  • Visitors count
  • Time spent on the website
  • Number of pages reviewed
  • Contacts from the website
  • Sales from the website
  • Phone calls that originate from the website (mobile site or trackable telephone number)
  • Downloads from the website

If you just put up a website from any of the free website vendors, you may never see the potential of your business. 

Website Results Management means having a website from which you can have results.  Most of us in our industry are not attorneys or CPAs; we can't argue a case or balance the books.  Why does an attorney think he can build a successful website?  Why does a CPA think they can just throw up a website and expect it to work?  Why does a physician with years of training and experience think they can create a successful website with little training or experience? 

Once the site is live, it needs to be maintained.  Will the CPA, attorney or physician work on the website monthly?  Our experience says no they will not.  This really applies to most businesses.  They know their world and think that creating a website and maintaining it can be done by anyone, it cannot!  If this offends anyone, then we are not the company for you.  We are a profressional company, we know what we are doing.  We call our attorney when we need a legal opinion -- Phyllis Lambert; the same for accounting advice, we call our CPA -- Kristine Amador Munareto; and for physical conditions, we call our Physician -- Dr. Angela Bowers, when we need their services and they call us when they need our services.  You should do the same!

A custom website built from the ground up can incorporate lots of innovative functionality. Could your business benefit from online ordering? What about a customer support ticket system, or a content management system which allows you to update your own website any time you want?

These options have a track record generating bottom line results for business. If you want to grow your business online, contact us for honest, professional help.

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