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Hosted Exchange Hybrid Email from i5: The Nuts and Bolts

Hosted Exchange Case StudyRead our hosted exchange white paper.  Unlike your garden variety email program, a hosted exchange server is incredibly complex, capable of storing and managing huge amounts of information and performing virtually unlimited functions.

Unlimited Scalability

You may think that a hosted exchange server isn’t right for your business because you only need a few inboxes.  Or, you may think that you have too many employees to use this service.  That’s one of the best things about our hosted exchange services; whether you need 3 inboxes or more than 3,000, we’re able to take care of your needs.

Many business owners are worried about the transition period.  Will there be down time?  Will we lose emails?  Will there be complications?  We’re experts, and we’ve helped businesses both large and small transition to our hosted exchange server.  We’ll ensure that everything goes smoothly, so you’ll be enjoying the benefits of the service before you even know it’s happened.

Hundreds of Features and Functions

If you’ve been using Microsoft® Outlook, you probably realize that it comes with plenty of features designed to make your life simpler.  Whether you need to keep track of your busy schedule, plan a multi-department meeting, or keep your emails organized, Microsoft® Outlook on our hosted exchange server can make it happen.

Microsoft® designed Outlook with businesses in mind, and they are constantly tweaking the program and adding new features to make it better and easier to use.  Every few years, Microsoft® releases a new version of Outlook.  If you want to stay up to date with this comprehensive software, you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade your systems- but not with i5ww.  We take care of regular software upgrades, so you get the latest software without dealing with the hassle and extra expense of implementing it yourself.

Access Your Data- Anywhere, Anytime

If you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to access your outlook inbox.  It’s just that simple.  From your computer at work, your laptop at home, or from your mobile phone, your inbox will look and function exactly the same.

Huge Storage and Bandwidth

If you are currently using web mail or a simple POP program to organize your online communications, you probably have a limited amount of memory allotted to you. In fact, you may have found that your program runs slower as you start to accumulate data.

Our service gives 25 gigs of storage to each inbox, enough room for you to save thousands of messages, tasks, and contacts.  This memory can even be reallocated to other inboxes if necessary and more can be added if you have very large needs. 

Access to massive bandwidth is another feature of our hosted exchange service.  Even with several thousand messages in your inbox, you’ll be able to organize emails, scroll through, and find what you’re looking for without the slightest delay in system response.

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