E-Mail Marketing
The Best Way to Whet Their Appetite

It’s still delivering the goods! With all the talk about social media, it might be tempting for business owners to ditch or disregard an email marketing campaign. However, recent reports show that email is still the most effective method of driving traffic to e-commerce sites, with online search coming in second and social media third.

Why does email continue to be the king of online marketing?

When executed properly, email marketing campaigns can increase brand awareness, website traffic, customer loyalty, and most importantly, sales. More cost-effective than traditional direct mail marketing and other advertisement options, email marketing is used by 74% of organizations with less than 100 employees, according to the 2011 Marketer’s Agenda by Aberdeen Group.

Does the thought of setting up an email marketing program for your business sound costly, complicated and time-consuming? With our help, it’s a piece of cake. Our email marketing solutions offer both full service and do-it-yourself email marketing programs that are designed to fit almost every customer loyalty and repeat business advertising need. In addition, it requires no investment in hardware, software or additional personnel.

Our email marketing solutions can include:

Email marketing may be one of the oldest online marketing tactics, but it remains one of the top performing. Let us help you take advantage of this tool to grow your business. Contact Us to get your email marketing program started today.


Only a few companies do it all – The Whole Shebang – and mix these services together, similar to a recipe to achieve the best possible results. i5 is one of those. We can provide each element as a standalone, just Social Media, and do it very well and tie one to another to achieve the best in overall marketing.