Maximize your training, customer service experience with relevant, flexible, online training, that you manage and update via our e-learning manager

E-Learning is one of the biggest growth areas on the Internet today, with businesses of all sizes taking advantage of the unmatched flexibility and efficiency of online training. By moving training and continued learning initiatives online, any business can realize significant cost savings while keeping staff knowledgeable and up-to-date on new policies, technologies, products and other essential information. E-Learning is also transforming the way educational institutions deploy their curricula by allowing for lucrative distance-learning and specialized course programs.

Our E-Learning systems are complete, scalable E-Learning solutions equally suited to organizations that are new to E-Learning or are already experienced with delivering training online. They can accommodate a multitude of learning paths and deliver a curriculum specific to each unique learner. Whether your intention is simply to put shop or store manuals online, or to deliver media-rich curricula (video, audio, web conferences) our E-Learning systems have the features to meet all your current and future E-Learning needs.

Highlights of our E-Learning systems:


Sell online courses

Create a variety of online tests and quizzes

Easy-to-use content development/ editors for all pages

Intuitive online training design

System can be branded with your logo for seamless integration

Learners can take notes and send messages to other learners and instructors

Award digital certificates upon successful completion of a course


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Only a few companies do it all – The Whole Shebang – and mix these services together, similar to a recipe to achieve the best possible results. i5 is one of those. We can provide each element as a standalone, just Social Media, and do it very well and tie one to another to achieve the best in overall marketing.