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Internet Marketing Content Development: Give Them Lots of Food for Thought

The copywriting services provided by i5 Web Works are more than the standard "good text".

Putting words on paper is typically the most difficult part of any marketing or communications project, whether it’s a website, newsletter or blog. Although proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are critical to credibility, the most important considerations are:

Am I using the most relevant keywords and phrases for search engine ranking?

Is the message of interest to my audience?

Will the content move them to action?

At i5 web works, content development is more than simply “inserting text.” We employ a process that involves research, competitive analysis, understanding your business, and learning your sales goals. The more we know, the better results we’ll deliver. First and foremost, our copywriters are masters at search engine optimization (SEO), using relevant keywords and keyword phrases in a purposeful manner, achieving two objectives:
1. Create text in such a manner that the relevant terms searchers might use in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to find your products and services are used on the page to ensure the page meets the minimum requirements of the various search engines.
Content Marketing
2. The second and more important objective is to write in a natural manner that is comfortable for visitors to your website. Study after study illustrates that visitors do not “read” your content – they scan it, specifically the bullets to determine if their search and selection of your website led them to the content, products, and services they were seeking.
Our portfolio is stocked with copywriting projects that includes healthcare, finance,  real estate, restaurants, manufacturing and non profits.  Whether the audience is B-to-B or B-to-C, our professional copywriters will craft a message that gets read. To be successful, content development should be ongoing. A common misconception is that once a website is launched, the work is done. But new pages need to be added continuously to keep it highly ranked on the search engines. We provide copywriting services for the following:
Content Development for Websites


Content Development for Newsletters


Content Development for Blogs


Press Releases

Press Release

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Case Study

Video Scripts written by professions

Video Script

You know your business better than anyone; let us put your ideas, plans and goals online. We can start from scratch or modify what is already in place. If you want content that works for both search engines and people, contact us today.

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