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We do “coffee” all the time with clients, explaining how to optimize their websites for a the price of a coffee.  We will give you the “how to search engine optimize” and not expect the cup of coffee. 

If you listen to the Gurus, there are hundreds of tricks, techniques and angles they use to get your site to the first page of the search results.  And indeed, there are each of those and they are called Black Hat, because tricks, techniques and angles are primarily illegal and frankly not worth the effort.  You can get your site in trouble.

If you want to know the How To of Search Engine Optimization, do this first:

  • Create good, compelling Meta Tag Titles, using those keywords used in searches — not necessarily the keywords you think are being used, those that are actually being used.  Do some research (don’t know how, call us!)  Be sure your Title Tags:
  • Include the exact phrase for which the page should rank
  • Place the exact phrase at the very beginning of the title tag and, if possible, repeat that phrase in some variation within the tag (remember, realistically you only have 65 characters to use (yes, I know each search engine is different and some do work with more characters, but why do it?)
  • Use those keywords in your Title Tag in your content — every hear content is king?  Make your content authoritative,  Authoritative content creates links to your website,

Create inbound links -- not as easy as it sounds.

Compelling, authoritative content causes those who are too lazy to link to your information and those links are generally relevant.

Do these four things and you will be closer to the first page if not on it. 

If you would prefer to have someone do the research, create the title tags, write compelling keyword rich content, and create links for you — Contact Us today.  We are not inexpensive, but we do it the right way.  Only White Hats here.

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