What to Consider Before a Major Website Redesign

Think it’s time to give your digital storefront a major overhaul?

It might be.

But before you do, think through these things first:

  1. What Do Your Customers Want?

You do need to be happy with your website. But ultimately, it’s more important for your customers to be happy with it. Because, they’re going to use it to evaluate whether or not they should do business with you. A website that makes you happy may or may not have the same effect for your customers.

Check out this graphic from Pingdom to see how bounce rate (the number of visitors who view just one page on your website and then leave) increases with the time it takes to load your website: So, you might like a neat feature. But, if it forces your website to load longer, there’s a cost. If you’re going to add a feature, make sure your visitors want it too.

  1. Do You Get the Sales You Want from Your Website?

Yes. It’s important for your website to look new and spiffy. An old website communicates to potential customers that you might no longer be in business. Or, they might think that if you don’t care about your website, you may not care about other important parts of your business too. Ultimately, you want your website to increase your sales, right?

Besides your website having an updated look, it needs to drive your customers to action – whether you sell products, services, or both. And there’s a myriad of design techniques to use to increase the number of visitors who buy from you.That’s where you have to work with your designer to implement the right enhancements for the products and services you sell.

  1. How Will Content Integrate Into Your Site?

Will your website have video, a blog, case studies, white papers, a podcast, and/or user-generated content?

You know your site needs content.You don’t need to have all of the above. In fact, just one form of the above will do. But, it’s important to understand your own strategy because that affects how you’ll design your site. Content presentation affects how much of your content your market consumes. And the more they digest, the more likely they are to become a paying customer. There’s actually much more to consider before you design your website. But those are some of the top things to think through.

Make sure you think about each before you design your website.



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