How to Turn Facebook Passers-By into Loyal Website Visitors and Customers

Most small and local business owners think content works like this:

a visitor reads your content (a Facebook post, blog post, web page, or whatever). They get amazed. And then they can’t wait to contact you and become a paying customer.

…But that’s only true in a small percentage of cases.

In reality, visitors read your content. They become amazed because they find it helpful for solving a painful problem they have.

But, they don’t need to pay for your services now. So, they like you, bookmark your page, join your email list, or take whatever action they need to stay in touch.

Then, when they have a problem they know you can solve, but that they can’t solve for themselves, or if they don’t have the time to do it, they choose to hire you.

That process takes months, or maybe even more than a year.

So, content’s really all about building relationships. First, you capture attention. Then, you continue to keep it by providing consistently useful information that your competitors don’t offer.

How can you use Facebook to help deepen relationships?

Here’s how:

  1. Use Facebook Chatbots

Yes, these tiny pieces of software exist. And they send automated messages that you can use to deepen relationships with your customers.

For example, say you create a Facebook post and a few people comment on it. The chatbot then sends an automated message to each commenter.

In that message, you could include a link to a blog post you wrote that elaborates on the subject further.

And at the end of that blog post, you could direct your visitors to a web page that sells a service which solves the problem the post discusses.

  1. Send Chat Blasts

Chatbots also allow you to send custom messages based on information you gather as visitors come to your Facebook page.

For example, when they first arrive, you ask whether your customer is male or female, and then their age.

Then, since you know who buys certain products, you can send a message about a special offer designed just for them.

That’s much more effective (and wins more sales) than sending everyone the exact same offer via a single Facebook post.

You’ll even get higher engagement rates than email (which is traditionally the most effective way to win more sales).

  1. Send Drip Campaigns to Win Higher-Price Leads

Say you sell a higher-priced business-to-business service. Instead of trying to get buyers to act now, you send them the information they need slowly over a course of months.

So, you send them a link to this blog post, then that whitepaper, and then to a case study.

And then they come back to you with a PO!

The tools to sell online will never stop changing.

The great power of online sales lies in the data you can harvest and your ability to more precisely target messaging than you ever could using TV, radio, billboards, or newspaper ads.

And this is just another tool you can add to your arsenal.


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