Are You Optimized for Voice Search?

Voice search sure is awesome, isn’t it?

Rather than slowly typing in a search and making mistakes, you use your voice, and most of the time Google and Siri get it right the first time!

Ok. So they’re not perfect.

But they’re awfully good. And just a search or two yields what you want from your voice search.

Here’s the thing:

96% of businesses fail to list their business data accurately in Google, Yelp, and Bing (which account for 90% of local business searches).

So even when customers search for your business, they’re still going to have a harder time finding you than they need to…and they may not even find you at all.

Or, you can look at this another way: by making a few simple changes, you can scoop up many customers that your competitors would otherwise get.

The Simple-to-Fix Mistakes Most Businesses Make

The data earlier, and this data, comes from an Uberall research report. While most local businesses don’t list their company data correctly, the problems are rather simple to fix:

● 50% of all businesses don’t list their opening hours correctly
● 30% of businesses don’t list their website address
● 25% don’t give their location a name
● 20% of all businesses don’t list their street address

How Much These Mistakes Cost You

Data from Statista shows Americans spend 373 minutes (6.21 hours) per day on their smartphones. And that trend has increased every year since 2012:

And remember, 5G wireless technology, which enables faster and larger data transfer than ever before, is still in adoption across the nation.

As bandwidth and ease increase, so will use of mobile technology.

What’s the real cost? Hard to say. But it’s significant given the size and strength of the market trend.

You Just Can’t Ignore this Quick Win

In business, you’re always looking at the size of the investment versus the reward.

In this case, you don’t have to invest practically any resources. Updating your business location information across leading business search sources is not an overly arduous or costly task.

But it can reap nice rewards.

Small investment. Much bigger reward.

That sounds like a no-brainer for most businesses.

Does your business have accurate local location information?


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