We tell everyone to do it…

We tell everyone we meet to begin a Blog, but we have not been taking our own advice.  Too little time, too much to do is the excuse.  We plan to stop making excuses and begin working on our blogging, adding an ongoing entry on the calendar to add to the Blog and just doing it

Finding detail about what to write is not that hard, certainly not that hard in our world.  Many discuss website design, development and Search Engine Optimization and certainly many who are much smarter than we.  But we have a different spin on things, taking other detail and attempting to apply it to everyday situations.  Or at least our perspective on the latest thing, new idea, and new twist.  We will always frame it as we see it.

Tune in regularly to see what’s new. Or ask us our view on anything.  Sometimes we will just have to say — We don’t know and investigate. 

Ask your questions, post your comments, let’s see what happens. 


Only a few companies do it all – The Whole Shebang – and mix these services together, similar to a recipe to achieve the best possible results. i5 is one of those. We can provide each element as a standalone, just Social Media, and do it very well and tie one to another to achieve the best in overall marketing.