Why (And How) To Create a Memorable “About Us” Page

Did you know your about page is the third most-wanted section on your website by your visitors?

Research appearing in KoMarketing’s B2B Web Usability Report found it falls right behind “Products and Services” and “Contact Information” in importance:

As you’ll note, it even appears well ahead of “Testimonials” and your blog!

Crazy, right? I mean, who really considers an about page that important when designing or redesigning their website?

But clearly, users want to see one. So that means it better be interesting.

And here’s how you make a winning about page that converts more users into lifelong visitors and loyal customers:

1. Answer “What’s in It For Me?”

Ahh, WIIFM, the age-old question to always answer in your marketing. Ultimately, your users visit your website because they believe you may have a product or service that fulfills their needs.

So, you want to give them the most compelling answer to this question so they don’t run to your competitors for a solution.

Now, you do absolutely include information about your company, history, and values.

But if you stop there, you put your visitors to sleep (which is what your competitor’s “About Us” page more than likely does).

As you tell your company’s story and history, you have to clearly show your visitors exactly how you solve their problem in a way your competitors cannot.

You don’t have to be a master of words like Shakespeare. Just clear. And you have to show impeccable value.

2. Make Your Values Clear

Your customers expect you to have certain values similar to their own. So if you know your audience adores sustainable business practices, and compensating your employees at rates near the top of the market, literally spell those values out for them word-for-word.

Remember, visitors are in a hurry, practically looking for a reason to close their web browser, do another search, and go to another site that more closely aligns with their values.

Don’t make them work.

Simplicity and clarity always work the best online.

3. End with a Call-to-Action

Imagine yourself reading a company’s About Page and being super highly interested, practically ready to buy right now.

But then it suddenly ends.

…And you’re not sure where to go next. So you wander around the site’s navigation, trying to figure out.

Now you might end up buying anyway because you really like that company.

However, it’s easy to imagine others getting lost, deciding they’ll buy later, and then not actually doing so.

If someone makes it to the bottom of your About Page, they really like you. They find you quite fascinating.

So, now’s your opportunity to tell them what to do next so you deepen that relationship and their loyalty.

For a service business, you might direct users to learn more about your services. You could also ask them to subscribe to your email list (because your list members are always your best customers).

For a product-based business, you might send users again to your email list, or present them with a short list of your best-selling products they might like.

You can do a lot of different things, and it’s really all about your goals for your soon-to-be customers.

So yeah, the oft-forgotten about page can really be quite a nice business weapon.

And you might even call it a “secret weapon” because your competitors more than likely have no clue about the value it offers their business.


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