5 Characteristics of a Well-Optimized Website

What exactly is it that makes a website attractive to Google?

I mean, besides the obvious one of content. Content’s actually so deep of a subject that you can write endless blogs about it (and several exist).

But what about technical SEO?

What fundamentals does Google want to see?

Well, here they are:

1. Speed

Convenience is the number one thing for practically every business, online and off.

Remember the days of dial-up?

Not fun.

No one’s website loads that slow anymore. But with today’s broadband speeds, users expect a quick load time of just a couple seconds.

And Google wants to see that from your website too.

2. Easily Crawlable

Search engines don’t want to put forth any more effort than they have to either. There are lots of reasons a search engine spider may not be able to crawl your website.

Just a few include broken links, outdated URLs, server errors, slow load speed, and unusual site architecture.

With business, and crawling websites, simple works best. Make every page on your site take just 3 clicks to get to-from your home page.

3. You Don’t Have Many Non-Working Web Pages

The last thing users, or a search engine spider, want to encounter is following a link…only to get a 404 error that says the page can’t be found!

As your website grows, these errors become more prevalent. They’re a natural by-product of growing your website.

So, it’s important that your SEO regularly check for and fix these errors. It’s not hard to do, so your SEO should have no problem making it happen.

4. You Don’t Have Duplicate Content

Duplicate content problems happen by accident. No one copies and pastes an entire page across two different URLs.

This problem most frequently happens with WordPress, which dynamically generates URLs.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution. Plugins can be used to create canonical links, which tell search engine spiders a particular page is the primary page the spider should crawl and index.

5. Your Website is Secure

Your website must have HTTPS, which encrypts data transferred between your web browser and a website.

This means that if users enter login info or a credit card number into your website, that data gets encrypted.

There are many other smaller security measures your website may need to take. And WordPress has dozens of plugins available which make security easy.

Those are the 5 most important fundamentals for technical SEO optimization that Google wants to see from your website.

Does your site implement all 5?


Only a few companies do it all – The Whole Shebang – and mix these services together, similar to a recipe to achieve the best possible results. i5 is one of those. We can provide each element as a standalone, just Social Media, and do it very well and tie one to another to achieve the best in overall marketing.