What is a Hosted Exchange Server?

Online communications have come to include much more than just email.  Task management, calendar sharing, and accessing information on-the-go have become necessary functions of your email service.  As more and more of your employees work remotely or in separate locations, online communications are becoming critical to keeping your business functioning smoothly.

Many companies use Microsoft® Outlook but aren’t getting the full benefits from this comprehensive program.  An exchange server is one email solution many companies have turned to which allows you to get the most out of Outlook.

A Hosted Exchange Server is a server- hosted by someone else- that holds all your email information including calendars, tasks, and messages in an off-site location.  This saves you the prohibitive cost of maintaining your exchange servers yourself, a task usually handled by fully-staffed IT departments at large corporations.

A Hosted Exchange Server allows you and your employees to take full advantage of Microsoft® Outlook as it was originally designed for use, as the ultimate collaboration suite.  You’ll be able to enjoy hundreds of features and functions, including:

  • Shared calendars
    • View the availability of others
    • View shared calendars or multiple calendars at once
    • Schedule meetings with ease
  • Shared task management
  • Staff permissions
    • Control who is able to be involved at various levels
    • Ensure clear communication on any given project
  • Access to the same interface and the same information, from wherever you have an internet connection
    • Your desktop computer at the office
    • Your laptop using a web interface
    • Your mobile phone
  • A generous initial 25 Gigabytes of memory for each inbox
    • Easily manage thousands of messages
    • Memory can be re-allocated if necessary
    • Extra Memory is available as needed
  • Real-time syncing

i5 web works is a Register Partner of Rackspace and they are really fanatical about Service.  We offer Rackspace Hosted Exchange for a modest $10 per mailbox per month.  This includes:

  • 25GB of storage per user
  • Mobile sync for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
  • And, our management on your behalf!

You really don’t have to be a huge corporation to use these features.  We make it easy for you to collaborate and communicate with anyone and everyone you need to.

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