Video Marketing: Show and Tell Your Story


Why Use Videos on Your Website

“Content” doesn’t just refer to written web documents like blog posts, short reports, and white papers. These marketing materials have their place in your marketing plan, no doubt. 

But videos play a powerful role too. In fact, a video by Three Motion (how fitting!) discusses the evidence that proves the value of video in online marketing:

  • 78% of all internet users watch one video per week, and 55% watch a video every day
  • Video promotion is 6 times more effective than print and online written copy (
  • Cisco believes 57% of consumer traffic will be accounted for by video by 2015
  • The number two search engine in the world? YouTube, according to Digital Sherpa

So there’s no doubt video should be an integral part of your marketing strategy going forward. 

Why Does Video Work?

There’s a number of reasons internet searchers just love to see videos on your website:

  • They’re becoming blind to all the written marketing materials because so much information is available
  • It’s more personal. What do you connect with better, a bunch of words on a screen, or people moving and talking in a video? 
  • You can say more in less time. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, how much information does a 1-minute video communicate?
  • It’s easier to communicate different engaging emotions that help you sell, like excitement, humor, and fear.

How Can You Include Video on Your Website?

There’s no single right way to do it. That’s what’s so fun about the web – marketing your business is limited only to your imagination.

These are some ways to use video to be effective in online marketing:

  1. Use customer testimonial videos, and especially ones describing the specific result you helped your customers achieve (versus them talking about how much they like your service)
  2. Make a video to show customers what they can learn when they subscribe to your list
  3. Create a case study video that describes in vivid detail how you helped your clients achieve a specific result
  4. Tell your customer’s story – one that describes the most common problem they have, and how you typically solve it
  5. Show your customers common myths and misunderstandings, and what the truth is
  6. Create an FAQ video that answers the most common questions your customers have
  7. Make your “About” page use videos as introductions for all featured personnel
  8. Help customers get oriented to your location and how the process works
  9. Anything else you can think of.

Video Resources Available from i5ww

We’ve created a number of practical guides for getting the most out of video in your online marketing efforts:

  1. Video Marketing Works: Contains mountains of data that shows the business benefits of video marketing for your website
  2. Video Production Myths & Realities: It’s easier to get a professional video for your site than you think. There’s also a few common misperceptions we dispel.
  3. Professional Video in Healthcare: Learn how to use video to grow your practice, and especially so with video testimonials.
  4. The Definitive Guide to Video SEO: Yep, you have to SEO your videos too. This guide shows you how.
  5. Connecting Patients with Dentists Through Online Videos: The dental industry is one of the most competitive online – learn how video gives dental practices an extra edge over the competition.
  6. Video Marketing for Healthcare Professionals: Doctors and physicians rely heavily on their personal reputation to succeed. Learn how videos help these professionals stand out.

i5ww Offers Turnkey Video Creation, Making Video Marketing Simple

To make your video increase your sales, you have to come up with an idea, write a script, shoot the video, use a voiceover, edit the sound, optimize it for search, and then promote/distribute it.

That’s a lot of work, and i5ww does it all for you. 

To increase your website’s sales with video, contact i5ww now.  Check out our Video Services Packages for various configurations.  




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