Link Building

Never fear the PANDA

Any time a series of algorithms from Google are given a name, you must expect that those algorithms can have an affect on your website.  The bottom-line however is to ensure your links are:

  • natural, not purchased, and,
  • relevant, not unrelated.

Cute Panda, not Google PandaLink building is a process and one of the most difficult elements of search engine optimization. Writing good meta tags is a matter of research and understanding your business to determine which keywords are relevant to your company. Writing relevant content is a function of a good, thinking copywriter, who thinks of your customer first. The process of gaining inbound links is really relying on others.You can hunt down link partners and do all the correct research; but you seldom have a guarantee that the link will be added to the other site and that once added, it will be added in the best position with the correct nomenclature.

Thus, unless you have been in the cellar, you have been told repeatedly that inbound links are the single most important thing you can do to improve your rankings. The more inbound links – and the higher the quality of those inbound links – the better your rankings. And why are you going to all this trouble?  To improve your chances of the right searcher finding your page and buying your product.

So, do it right.  Work on it consistently, put it on your calendar, be on the lookout for linking partners:

  • Maybe start and update a blog
  • Ensure your content is good to entice others to link to you
  • Add news to bring others to your webpages
  • List your site in relevant directories
  • Just do it!

Or, contact us and we will help you with a consistent, proven program that adds relevant links over time in a natural way, not 15,000 links overnight for $15.95.

We do offer an eight-week step-by-step quick-start, high quality program, as taught by Esoos Bobnar,one of the editors at Search Engine News. If you have a new site or need your site to respond better, contact us today and we will develop a plan that works.

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