Hosted Exchange Server

Read our hosted exchange white paperMissed meetings.  Scheduling conflicts.  Miscommunication.  Lost productivity.  Server failures.  These are just a few common issues facing the small business resulting from problems using online communication tools.  Whether you can’t access your email remotely, have to schedule meetings with multiple people in multiple locations, or lost everything in a server crash, you’ve probably run into a few of these problems.

Many small businesses end up patching solutions to issues as they arise.  As a Microsoft® Hosted Exchange service partner to Rackspace, we have one easy solution to these common complaints.

Making Communication Simple

i5ww’s can provide and manage hosted exchange servers to enable you to use Microsoft® Outlook for what it was originally designed -- the ultimate collaboration suite.  Your information will sync in real-time between different interfaces and different users, making it easy to share calendars, create staff permissions, and access the same information whether you’re using Outlook, a web interface, or your smart phone through Active Sync.

With 25 gigs of space available per user and our massive bandwidth supporting you, you’ll be able to use Outlook with no delay in response time.  Whether you need 3 inboxes or 3,000, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about how our hosted exchange servers work.

Protecting You from Disaster

With our hosting partner Rackspace, we take every precaution imaginable against disasters like server crashes.  We offer 100% uptime, back-up and duplicate your information onto multiple off-site servers several times per minute, and we store our servers in high-end facilities equipped with back-up generators.  No one can guarantee that a disaster won’t occur, but we’ve gone to great lengths to protect your data against one.

Can You Afford This Service?

You don’t have to be a huge corporation to benefit from using a hosted exchange server.  Large companies spend millions of dollars to host exchange servers in-house, but we save you the cost of a fully-staffed IT department by providing everything from set-up and maintenance to upgrading your entire team to the latest version of Outlook.

If you’ve dealt with any of the common problems we talked about earlier, you can probably see the clear value in a hosted exchange server for your business.  This service enables complete communication between anyone and everyone that needs to be involved, whether in different departments, different office buildings, or even different states.


Hosted Exchange

Pricing $10 per mailbox per month
Contract Month-to-Month
Version of Exchange 2010
Outlook® Licensing Use your own
Administration i5
Uptime 100%
Support Live, Ticket or Chat, 24 x 7
Spam/Virus Protection Included
SSL Encrytion Included
Mailbox Storage 25GB per user
Attachment Size Limit 50MB


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